The David Drew Clinic

Birthplace of The Modern Physical


A sophisticated physical that analyzes you with the latest in medical imaging, biochemistry and genetics. An intelligent physical that learns your unique features and adapts as it goes. A proven physical that saves lives by finding problems before you do.

Here’s the problem

In America, one-third of adults die early. They lose, on average, 14 years of life. Between 45 and 65, your risk of dying is about 1 in 7. And in the following 10 years it’s another 1 in 5. More than 80% of early deaths are due to common problems: heart disease, stroke, cancer.

of American adults die by age 65

of American adults die by age 75

Why do we need a modern physical?

The vast majority of early deaths can be prevented if the underlying problem is caught early. But most are not.

Because today’s usual executive physical doesn’t look hard enough. As you may have noticed, executive physicals have changed little since they became common in the 1950s. That’s despite astounding and life-changing advances in medical and information technology in the last half century. Many use limited and obsolete technology. Most provide the same set of services to all ... year after year.

David Drew's Modern Physical is different... and much more advanced

At the laboratories of the David Drew Clinic, scientists from MIT, Berkeley and NIH have spent the last two decades developing a physical to find out what’s really going on inside of you. We exhaustively tested the performance of standard and emerging medical diagnostics. We analyzed how well they predict or detect problems individually and when combined with other tools. The result of that intensive effort is The Modern Physical, a sophisticated window into your health, individually optimized for you by an intelligent, computer-assisted decision algorithm.

The Modern Physical finds out how much heart disease you have. It seeks to uncover every cancer while it’s still curable. It uses your genomic profile to predict problems and then helps to avoid them.

The Modern Physical Works

In fact, in a 10 year study of the Modern Physical in 1284 adults ages 45-65, the death rate among participants was only 1 in 100, a 13-fold improvement over conventional surveillance.

Our patients live happier, longer. Not surprisingly, the more we look the more we find. And what we find is important, dramatically reducing risk.

The Modern Physical represents a giant leap toward avoiding the random and unpredictable lethal conditions that threaten all of us. It is a powerful new systematic approach to life protection, and is the only one proven effective.

For executives, the Modern Physical is a Badge of Honor

The David Drew Executive Health program is the best, most technologically-advanced and comprehensive evaluation available, and the only one with a proven track record. Providing you with the best means that your organization values you most highly and appreciates your critical contribution to its mission. Keeping you on board and in tip-top condition matters. With individualized surveillance and recommendations, we go to great lengths to keep you there.

Open the door to a new powerful look...

at what’s inside you.